Mcdfoodforthoughts – McDonald’s Free Meal Food Survey 2024

Mcdfoodforthoughts is the online food survey by McDonald’s. The purpose of this survey is to collect feedback from customers and improve the quality and service. Survey is available on

Through this survey McDonald’s thinks that they will increase customer trust and satisfaction. Anyone who buy meal from McDonald’s shop or drive through point can participate in this survey.

Rewards of Mcdfoodforthoughts Survey

If you are from United Kingdom and participate in this survey within 60 Days of Purchase and receiving receipt of order you will get following rewards.

  • Six Chicken Mcnuggets
  • Big Mac
  • Filet o Fish
  • McChicken Sandwich
  • One Medium Fries
  • One Side Salad

Eligibility Criteria for Mcdfoodforthoughts Survey

If you want to participate in this survey and want to earn rewards then you should follow the given criteria. If you do not fulfil criteria you can not participate.

  • Your age should be 18 or above
  • You should be resident of UK
  • You should have completed the Food for Thoughts Survey at within 60 days of receiving a receipt containing the Food for Thoughts survey participation code.
  • You should have received Email Voucher from McDonald’s with QR Code or 12 Digits Code

Validity of Mcdfoodforthoughts Survey Offer

This offer may be used for once per customer and should be redeemed before the expiry date. The validity starts from the date of buying meal. The maximum time to avail this offer is 60 days. After that old receipt will expire and you have to buy any other meal again.

The Survey offer is only available on Restaurant orders and not available on McDelivery offers. You can not order Extra Meal order on behalf of this offer or to pay for Extra meal. No cash alternative is allow in this offer.

How to avail Mcdfoodforthoughts Survey Offer

If you are eligible customer as per the above requirements you can avail this offer through the given steps.

Step 1: Visit When you visit this website you will see the following screen.


Step 2: Read the Welcome note and then press continue button. After that you will see the following screen.

Mcdfoodforthoughts Survey Offer

Now you can see the boxes where you have to enter 12 Digit Code which is given on your receipt. You also enter Amount Spent for buying the McDonald’s Meal. The receipt sample is also given below.

Mcdfoodforthoughts receipt for Survey Food for Thoughts

Enter your 12 Digit Code and then choose start button. Your Food for Thoughts Survey will start and you will see different questions. You have to answer according to your real time experience.

Mcdfoodforthoughts Survey Start

Now when you have entered the Receipt Digits and the amount spent while buying food. You can now start the survey. There will be multiple questions.

Mcdfoodforthoughts Questions

When you are going through survey you will also see the progress in the below. There are two buttons. One is Previous and other is next. In case you think your answer was not accurate you can choose previous to go back and make other choice.

Mcdfoodforthoughts Written Feedback

In one question there will be blank text place where you can write your comments. As the other questions are MCQs based but one is short answer. You can write any feedback any suggestion or complain. It will help McDonald’s quality more better and perfect.

Mcdfoodforthoughts Voucher Options

When your progress is 97% in the Food for Thoughts survey you can choose voucher option. You have 3 options. You can get it by Email. You can directly print it. If you don’t want to avail the voucher to get free meal you can choose third option ” No Thanks I just want to provide feedback”. Our client chooses Print it option and then he did the following steps.

Mcdfoodforthoughts Voucher Print

When you selected print it option. You will see the above screen. You will see a black button “Print Voucher” with a printer icon. Click on this button and your voucher will be downloaded in PDF Format.

Mcdfoodforthoughts Voucher PDF

If your printer is not directly connected, you can select Save as PDF option and the pdf file of voucher will saved in your Computer. You can see that in our voucher we got Big Mac and Medium Fires / Or a Side Salad coupon for participating in Food for Thought Survey.

Now there are multiple options to redeem the voucher. In first option you can take your voucher to a self order KIOSK where you can use the built in scanner or voucher entry screen. In the second option take your voucher a till or the Drive Thru at a participating McDonald’s Restaurant where a staff member will scan the code.

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